Storytellers & Honorary Guest.

Vera Makki

Pembicara & Moderator

Vera Makki is the Founder of BookSTech, Taman Baca Anak Lebah, and Semangati Guru which programs focus heavily on education. In her professional life, she serves as Director, Country Head of Corporate Affairs Citibank Indonesia, being responsible for Public Relations and CSR activities. Amidst her busy schedules, she also serves as President of International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) – Indonesia chapter, a professional community headquartered in San Francisco, US. In 2018, Vera was also awarded Innovation Fellow by Eisenhower Fellowship from Philadelphia, US. in 2017, she was awarded 100 Most Impactful CSR Leaders – Global Listing by World CSR Congress in India and Head of Corporate Communication of the Year by SWA/Mix magazine. In 2016, Vera received 50’s Asia Woman Leaders by CMO Asia in Singapore.

Handry Satriago


Handry Satriago is the CEO of General Electric (GE) Indonesia. Handry has a huge interest in education and volunteerism. He is one of the Advisors in Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah Indonesia, an NGO which main initiatives are BookSTech, Taman Baca Anak Lebah, and Semangati Guru.

Poetri Soehendro


Poetri Soehendro is a professional storyteller. She is the Founder of, a channel to spread storytelling on youtube channel ( ). Her expertise in storytelling and her hobby of reading books which has been nurtured since she was a little kid helps her to develop her imagination and skills in interacting with children. She believes that through storytelling, the relationship between parents and their children can be strongly built. Poetri has been supporting Taman Baca Anak Lebah in conducting workshops for tutors and pre-school teachers in Indonesia. She also helps in BookSTech event to share her storytelling expertise for millennial parents.

Najelaa Shihab


Najelaa Shihab is the Initiator Semua Murid Semua Guru and known as an education reformist in Indonesia. She initiated, Education and Policy Center (PSPK) and Pesta Pendidikan (Education Festival). Through her various initiatives, she connects multi-stakeholders collaborations in order to improve the education in Indonesia.

Rismadhani Chaniago


Rismadhani Chaniago is the Program & Development Manager of Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah Indonesia. She has been active in many social movements and volunteerism activities since her college years. Her educational background in Psychology and interest in people and children motivates her to join the foundation. Prior joining Yayasan Literasi Anak Lebah Indonesia, Dhani was an editor in one of lifestyle magazines in Jakarta.

Kurie Suditomo


Kurie Suditomo is the founder of Kurie is a communication specialist who started her career in Tempo Media’s newsroom for ten years, and carries on with her communication’s skills (mostly writing) to many different stopovers, including acting as a representative of US -­ Indonesia Society in Jakarta, assisting the spoke person of Vice President Boediono, supporting the World Bank Group’s communication team and recommending communication strategic for corruption prevention program. Her Codingcamp initiative comes in 2013. She takes it as a personal mission to bring coding and computational skills to children in needs across the nation.

Arnel & Dandi Ukulele


Arnel and Dandi Ukulele are two storytellers who combine fairy tales and music. Therefore, they used to refer to the fairy tales they brought as “Musical Storytelling”. The uniqueness of both of them is that they always bring unique and original tales that are lifted from Indonesian local wisdom. In addition, the songs that were sung both of them were mostly new songs composed by themselves. Although it may not be familiar to children, these songs are expected to be able to boost the emergence of children’s songs which are currently very few in number.

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