About Us.


BookSTech (Books, Storytelling, Technology) is the event to instill the love of reading books start at early age in fun and safe ways as well as to introduce a friendly technology for the children.

BookStech is created to help parents in educating children amidst fast growing digital era. We believe that correct introduction and education on ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) will bring much benefits to both parents and children. Books, Storytelling, and Technology can be perfectly combined to shape a better future of our children.

BookSTech aims at:

Promote the importance of a love of reading books start at early age

Increase awareness and encourage parents as well as teachers to join forces brighten the future of the children through books

Attract children in Indonesia to love reading books in fun ways and to make reading books as part of their playing acitivities

Bring parents/caretakers and children closer together through books, storytelling, and technology.

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