How to Register.


How to Register:

Fill the form with your personal data (full name, email address and contact number, number of persons) at or to

You can check the details at The Event Slot/Rundown menu

Wait for the confirmation email from BookStech stating that you are already registered as audiences

Check Ticketing Schedule menu to obtain your ticket and submit your donation of children story books

How to donate books:

  • The BookSTech event is open for public and free of charge. There is a change of event mechanism whereas book donation is no longer mandatory as previously announced. Nevertheless, we are thankful and still open for donation of children story books that will be given to respective reading gardens and libraries.
  • Choose a story book for children aged 1-13 years and a lot of colored pictures. For ages 10-13 years, could begin to be given a book with more texts.
  • You are free to donate either new books or secondhand books.
  • Carried items (any kind of bags, food and beverages, hats, jackets) have to be kept inside the locker by giving your ID to the officer as a guarantee for the locker key. As for valuable items (wallets, cell phones, etc.), they can be carried using a special bag from the library.
  • Food and beverages is not allowed inside the library.
  • Moving or carrying books for one floor to another is not allowed.
  • Carrying sharp weapons and such into the library is prohibited.
  • Breaking, drawing, tearing, and any other vandalism act to the collection or property of the library is prohibited.
  • Keep the library clean.
  • Children in nursery age require parental supervision while in the library (nursery room is provided on the 3rd floor).
  • Wear polite and tidy clothes.
  • Follow the applied rules while in the library.
  • Any kind of violations will be carried to the authorities.

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