Storytellers & Honorary Guest.

Handry Satriago

CEO GE Indonesia

Born in Riau, Pekanbaru on June 13, 1969. He is the CEO of General Electric Indonesia . He joined the company in 1997 as Business Development Manager. Prior to joining GE he worked for several local companies as head of business development (source: Wikipedia).
Handry is dedicated to education and volunteerism. He enjoys the teaching-learning process, whether it is in educational institutions, or outside. His goal is to share and to contribute to the education of the Indonesian people in order to compete globally. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, sports and traveling. And now he is one of Anak Lebah Literacy Indonesia Foundation (ALLIF) advisers.

Josef Bataona

HR Director of Indofood

Josef Bataona or Pak Jos is an HR professional who are highly passionate about people. He is the HR Director of Indofood, previously HR Director of Bank Danamon and had worked for decades at Unilever Indonesia with the last post as HR Director. Coming from Flores, NTT, Eastern part of Indonesia, Pak Jos will entertain the children at BookSTech with his animated storytelling. Secure your slot on Sunday, 11 October 2015 at 2-4pm. Limited space!

Alya Rohali

Public Figure & Former Puteri Indonesia

Alya started her career as a Abang-None West Jakarta in 1994. Two years later, Alya was crowned as Miss Indonesia 1996, and also the Representative of Indonesia to Miss Universe 1996.
Having completed her duties as Miss Indonesia, Alya entered into the world of entertainment in Indonesia. Alya starred in several soap operas, and she is also known as a master of ceremonies. With Helmi Yahya, she successfully guided a live quiz show “Siapa Berani?” which was aired on Indosiar.
In 2002, Alya won an award as favorite presenter quiz. (Source: Wikipedia)

Novita Angie

Public Figure & Presenter

Novita Anggreini or Novita Angie was born in Jakarta, November 30. She is an actrees, radio announcer, and famous host in Indonesia. Since 2013, she has been active as an editor in chief “Hello! Indonesia Magazine”.

Fira Basuki

Indonesian Novelist & Editor in Chief Cosmopolitan Magazine

Indonesian novelist. Her trilogy novels (Jendela-jendela, Pintu, and Atap) were published by PT. Grasindo, Indonesia.
She has bachelor degree in Journalism-Communication from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, USA (Summer 1995). Did a bit of master studies in public relations, Wichita State University, Wichita, USA. She used to works for her campus newspaper. Then she moved to Jakarta (1996) to worked for Dewi magazine. Now, she work as editor in chief “Cosmopolitan Magazine”.

Inne Sudjono

Presenter & Announcer

Inne Sudjono is known as a news anchor, presenter, and announcer. Now, she is an announcer in Sindo Trijaya FM. She often gets invited as a speaker in many journalism class, and is active in activities related to children

Poetri Soehendro

Professional Storyteller

This woman is active in broadcasting as a radio announcer. She dedicated herself in the world of children as a storyteller. Poetri also referred to herself as an educator. For her, the fairy tales can be used for educating. She is volunteers as a storyteller for TBAL in Lombok.

Paman Gery

Announcer & Professional Storyteller

Little-know storyteller name in Indonesia, and Paman Gery is one of them. Famous since announcing the radio program “Morning Along Fairytale with Paman Gery and Bubu Mini” in Female Radio, Jakarta.
Paman Gery loves storytelling since he was in school. Then, owner of the original name Puraatmadja Gery, often storytelling in various events voluntarily.


Professional Storyteller

Born in Bogor on May 4, 1985. Now, Arnell is working as a teacher who teaches Indonesian lessons in Binus International School, Serpong. In addition to teaching, she is also active in social activities and storytelling in many places, one of them is a TBAL program.

Ninit Yunita (1) & Adhitya Mulya (2)

(1) Indonesian Novelist; (2) Author of Sabtu Bersama Bapak & Jomblo

In addition to being a SUPER MOM for both sons and a writer, Ninit Yunita is an active woman. She became Chief Community Officer of The Urban Mama, running her own business, as well as being an ambassador for running (sport). She has written many famous novels, among others, “Heart”, “Kukejar Cinta ke Negeri Cina”, “Get Married”, “Test Pack”, and “La Tahzan”. And her novels have been made into a movie.
Adhitya Mulya is a famous novelist known for his work “Jomblo”, “Gege Mengejar Cinta”, “Catatan Mahasiswa Gila”, and “Travelers Tale”. His novel “Jomblo” was also adapted into a movie. Now, Adhitya Mulya has published his latest novel “Sabtu bersama Bapak”

Ratih Ibrahim

Founder of Joy Parenting

Ratih is a psychologist, graduated from the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. She has also got a Master of Management degree from Prasetiya Mulya Business School, with Marketing as her major. In addition, the mother of two handsome teenagers is also Founder and Principal Director of Personal Growth – Counselling and Development Center, and Founder of Joy Parenting.

Indry Wardhani


Indry has been working for years from time to time, giving guest lectures, training students from different universities regarding clinical psychology, as well as providing training and development of treatment programs for other training centers and internal training department of employers.

Prameshwari Sugiri

Chief Community Officer Ayahbunda & Parenting Indonesia, Parenting Editorial Group Head Femina Group

Prameshwari Sugiri (Imesh) began her career at Femina Group in 2002 as a feature writer. Six years later she was offered the position of Editor-in-chief of Seventeen Indonesia and then promoted to be the Deputy Editor in Chief of GADIS.
Her interest in parenthood began as she gave birth to her first daughter, Kiska (6 years old). She loves every moment with her daughter and reading stories to her has become their bed time ritual. The presence of her second daughter, Dinta (1 year old), has made this activity even more exciting and it becomes their favorite bonding time.
At the same time, Ayahbunda and Parenting Indonesia brands continue to innovate both in print and digital in response to the needs of modern families. This offers her the same excitement in many ways. Everyday, she embraces her role with sincere enthusiasm, proudly calls herself ‘Mommy in Chief’ and leads her brands through their many channels, reaching more than 13.896.053 young parents.

Hanny Soema Di Pradja

Director of PT Radio Kayu Manis & Masima Cipta Karya

Born in Jakarta on August 15 , Hanny is a director of PT Kayu Manis and Masima Cipta Karya. She is a graduate of the University of Indonesia, majoring in mass communications. Nowadays, she was heavily involved in activities related to children

Wisnu Adryan

Marketing & Goods + Tutor Staff at Coding Indonesia

Wisnu Adryan (often called Kak Wisnu by his students) is an education practitioner and observer, specializing in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) subjects. Kak Wisnu’s teaching experience started three years ago when he was engaged in a social community in Bandung.
At the end of 2013, Kak Wisnu decided to move to Jakarta, and has been playing his role as a practitioner in non-formal education since then. Joining Coding Indonesia in early 2015 on the basis of havingthe same vision and mission to start “exploiting” Coding to Indonesian children since early age, he wishes that one day Coding can be learned by students in every primary school in Indonesia.

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